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Doug Laing is a long time supporter of Shearing Sports NZ and most of you would of met Doug on your travels.  Doug holds a lot of history and with his passion for the industry our sport is being picked up and recognised by many in the media field.   It is important that you send your results through to Doug as soon as the finals are over as Doug is usually found in the late hours of the evening collating media releases to be sent out all around the world within hours of a competition being held.  

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With the introduction of social media into our lives, we are now able to support the competitions throughout New Zealand and around the world when our NZ teams are competing.  We are fortunate to have Kelly Macdonald (South Island Woolhandling Rep) as the Convenor / Administrator of Shearing Sports NZ Facebook Page.  Assisting Kelly is Warren Parker, North Island Chairman, Michael Hogan, South Island Chairman, Tom Wilson, South Island Vice Chairman, Sheree Alabaster, North Island Woolhandling Rep and Doug Laing, Shearing Sports NZ Media Officer.  Facebook is your advertising platform to promote your up coming competition.  Stories, videos and photos all make for an interesting to follow Facebook Page.  Send all you can through to Kelly. Click here to Email Kelly, Phone 027 467 4552.

Media Releases 2018-2019

PGG Wrightson Circuit Updates

Beef + Lamb NZ Canterbury / Marlborough Development Circuit

2017 Trans Tasman Updates


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