Speed Shears

Application for membership must be in writing. Membership entitles organisation to SSNZ benefits.

Affiliation levy is $4.00+GST per competitor with a minimum fee of $40.00+GST payable to: The Secretary, Jude McNab,45 Cromer Street, Balclutha, 9230.

Affiliated Speed Shears must use registered SSNZ judges. SSNZ judges are permitted to judge at non-affiliated Speed Shears, but should encourage them to be affiliated to SSNZ.

Judges and officials have the right to refuse a competitor, if it is considered their ability is impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Open and Senior grade Speed Shears only. If a Speed Shear wishes to involve Junior and Intermediate grades, it must be a clean shear event.

SSNZ Health & Safety policy will apply to Speed Shear events.

In fairness to competitors every effort should be made to get lambs/sheep as even as possible.

Speed Shear Rules:

  • Sheep to be judged standing (unless an obvious misdemeanor underneath) to a pen score of 152 and under. Above 15 is a red light.
  • Plucking after time will mean disqualification.
  • Time to be taken from cord pull to cord pull if electronic timing is not available
  • No false starts (applicable to timing system only)
  • Moccasins or suitable footwear must be worn
  • Full pizzle, teat and tail crutch is essential.
  • Public Liability-all competitions are urged to check their Public Liability and Cover.

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